Finding a mortgage in France can be a complicated and daunting experience even if you do speak French. Which bank should I use, do they compete with rates and terms, how much of a deposit will I need, will they speak English? These are questions we can answer for you. We evaluate the best and most up to date offers available from a range of mortgage sources in France and the UK, giving you all the answers you need to decide which is the most suitable option for you.

For an estimate of the costs of your monthly repayments you can use the mortgage calculator below:

French Street

10 Key Facts

  • As a non French resident you can apply to borrow up to 85% of the purchase price
  • It is necessary to have enough cash to fund the deposit (minimum of 15%) plus the notary fees (approximately 8%). i.e. 23% of the purchase price in cash
  • Depending upon your age you can borrow for up to 30 years
  • Fixed, variable, capped, repayment and interest only loans are all available in France
  • There are no specific 'Buy-to-let' products but some future rent can be taken into account when applying for the loan
  • "Income is King!" in order to qualify your income must satisfy the Banque de France debt ratio calculation
  • Net or Gross income may be used, depending upon the bank applied to
  • There is a comprehensive list of paperwork required for each application
  • Rates vary dramatically from one to bank to the next, typically the best rates are for 80% repayment loans; the more unusual and flexible the finance solution the more expensive it tends to be
  • Introductory rates rarely tell the true story of what you will pay long term. Many banks use the Euribor 3 or 12 month index plus a hidden margin

We can also offer a range of additional services to ensure your property purchase is completed satisfactorily and your legal and protection requirements are fully taken care of.

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