Life Assurance

I think we are all comfortable with the concept of life insurance, but do we know the difference between this and life assurance?


Well the answer is simple. You buy life insurance to insure yourself against death. So if you step out in front of a bus, or get very sick and die, the insurance company will pay out an agreed sum to your selected beneficiary. In return for this you pay them an agreed amount per month. This policy only takes on a real value when you are dead. So if you are young and single, don't bother, I'm sure you can find better things to spend your money on.

If however you are young and have a wife or partner and a growing family, you will probably want to buy life insurance, and you would be well advised to consider life assurance as well. Whereas life insurance protects you against the risk of dying, life assurance 'assures' you that you will die one day, and encourages you to save part of your accumulated wealth or earnings to support those close to you when you go. In France they charmingly refer to this as disappearing. A life assurance policy always has a value, as you have been contributing to a growing fund. The more you put in, and the more it grows, the more it will pay out when you are 'disparu'.

At France Financial we can arrange both of these types of life cover for you. There are many 'bells and whistles' that can be added to these policies, making them an extremely flexible and effective protection tool. Please think long and hard about insurance. Money may be tight, but think how hard it will be for your loved ones to cope without you.

The younger you are, the more your family needs this protection, and the cheaper it is.

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