About Us

France Financial specialises in helping English speaking expatriates currently living in France, or intending to do so in the future, to protect and enhance their finances. Our aim is to create and provide solutions by way of a broad range of products and services. We will work with you to plan your finances and make the most of the opportunities offered by the expatriate lifestyle.

Rob Hesketh

France Financial is run by me, Rob Hesketh. I am a former international banker now living in the Aude department of the Languedoc Roussillon. I spent 30 years working in International Banking in the City of London and in Brussels. My banking experience lies mainly in the areas of foreign exchange; corporate treasury; money markets and bond financing. Following my retirement from the banking world in 2003, my wife and I fulfilled our long term ambition of moving to the South of France. I joined the Spectrum IFA Group in 2005, and began to study the salient differences between the financial systems in the UK and France, concentrating specifically on the areas of interest to UK expatriates. Since mid 2006 I have been registered with and authorised by the French fiscal authorities. I am now a partner in Spectrum, and look after their client relationships in the South West of France. We have an extensive network throughout France and the rest of Europe, and you can follow the links to my colleagues on this page.


France Financial is proud to be a member of The Spectrum IFA Group, a pan European insurance umbrella group allowing its members to advise people in many different countries. Perhaps the most important aspect of this group is its commitment to be fully registered and authorised in each of the countries in which it operates. Our clients can work with us in complete confidence, knowing that we are regulated by the French fiscal authorities. This should be a minimum requirement if you are looking for an advisor you can trust and advice you can rely on. The fact that we are pan European also means that if, for example, you move from France to Spain, you keep the continuity of advice with Spectrum's Spanish advisers. Membership of the Spectrum group also ensures that we are kept up to date with the varying rules and regulations in Europe - to download our FAQ fact sheet Click Here